Master of Public Administration in European Studies

Energy, Climate and Digital Transformation – Global Topics and Smart Technologies shaping Europe

Qualify for the future

Understanding European policy and its economical and societal impact on global topics

European Union policy strongly influences a wide range of topics. This interdisciplinary Master’s programme focuses on energy, transport, climate and digitisation from a political as well as technological point of view. It combines the excellence of RWTH Aachen University in engineering and technology with the current political and economic agenda of the EU to provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact of new technologies on EU governance and vice versa. The result is a highly attractive programme: the Master of Public Administration in European Studies. Study it part-time and qualify for leadership positions in the private or public sector.

Transparency, EU Challenges


Learn about the EU, its policies and institutions and specialise in cutting-edge technologies in the fields of
energy & climate or digital transformation.

Benefit from:

EU Institutions, Lobbying

Quick Facts

  • Degree: Master of Public Administration (awarded by RWTH Aachen University)

  • Duration: 1,5 years part-time

  • Credit Points: 90 CP (winter semester 2019/20)

  • Languages: English and German

  • Apply by: 1st March 2019 as a Non-EU national, 15th July 2019 as an EU national

  • Course Fees: 5.350 € per semester (Early bird: save 10% now!)

Professional Fitness

Your future career environment keeps changing. Stay in touch.

Leading RWTH researchers and EU experts working in varied European fields as lecturers

Learn about the state of the art, latest research results and future concepts in energy, climate and digitisation from renowned academics and benefit from the expertise of EU practitioners. You experience first-hand knowledge transfer and exchange between RWTH Aachen University, diverse industries and society as a whole. By implementing application-oriented and interactive teaching and learning methods you gain in depth EU and technology knowledge, skills and competences. The interdisciplinary know-how prepares you for the demands of an international employment market.

A Master’s programme strengthening excellent competences

Specially designed courses enable you to develop a critical and responsible mindset by fostering your personal skills, such as independent and analytical thinking, negotiation competence, strategic action and personal commitment. You learn how to manage international projects succesfully, how to draft policy papers, how to design and plan a campaign and how to develop political scenarios.

A compulsory period of work experience as an integral part of the programme

Complete an internship or realise a study related work project with your current employer. We support you in finding an internship that fits you. With our career service you discover tools to fulfil European career application standards.

Qualification Profiles

Successful graduates of the MPA European Studies are

  • specialists in European Union decision- and policy-making and its impact

  • analytical minds with an understanding of current and evolving technologies in energy, climate and digital transformation combined with EU expertise in these fields

  • interdisciplinary thinkers and strategists equipped for international projects

  • bilingual team players being flexible in multicultural contexts

  • active networkers experienced in the EU arena

Career Prospects

Various options instead of one job title

The interdisciplinary, forward-looking nature of the European Studies Master’s programme addresses the need for graduates who are able to work at the interface of politics and technology thus needing a profound knowledge of both. The pr ogramme prepares you for high-level positions in the private or public sector, for example in EU or national government institutions, areas of public administration, NGOs, international companies or the media. Regardless of which technology specialisation you choose in the second semester, the programme equips you for a multitude of positions in a variety of bodies, institutions and companies.

European Policy, EU law

Cooperation Credits


I Compulsory courses: European Studies essentials

  • History of European Integration (DE)
  • EU Law (DE)
  • European Policy and Governance (DE)
  • Lobbying and Transparency (EN&DE)
  • European Economics (DE)
  • Global Challenges and the Future of the EU (DE)

30 CP (6 Module á 5 CP)

II Elective courses: Technical specialisations including EU policy and social impacts

  • Sustainable Energy Economics and Policy (EN)
  • Electric Mobility and Transport (EN)
  • Sustainable Climate Policy (EN)
  • Priniciples of Digitalization and Transformation (EN)
  • eGovernment and Digital Administration (EN)
  • Data Security and Privacy (EN&DE)

15 CP (3 Module aus einem Track á 5 CP)

III Elective courses: Soft skills

  • Professional Negotiation Skills and Management of Conflicts (EN)
  • International Project Management (EN)
  • Strategic Decision Making (EN)

5 CP (1 aus 3 Modulen)

IV Elective courses

  • Internship (EN&DE)
  • Project Work (EN&DE)

10 CP (Internship oder Project work)

V Compulsory course

Master Thesis (EN&DE)

30 CP

Download Curriculum
European Studies Curriculum

Helpful information

This programme is compatible with part-time professional activity as well as family life.

  • monthly attendance blocks of 6 to 8 days in Aachen (Germany) for one year
  • excursions with unique networking opportunities to the EU institutions and lobby organisations in Brussels and Berlin
  • guest lectures and field visits integrated into the study blocks
  • simulation games, policy papers, role plays, case studies and exercises
  • module-specific webinars
  • online platform for study materials
  • modern university library with online access and software portal
  • first academic degree
  • a minimum of 1 year work experience
  • fluent in English and German

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  • advice on funding options and scholarships

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  • internship and career services

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