Dr. Irna van der Molen

Policy and Strategy Advisor at the University of Twente, Netherlands & Scientific Director of the Reliefbase Foundation

MPA-ES Module: Professional Negotiation Skills and Management of Conflicts

Irna van der Molen is born in 1969 and holds an MA in Public Administration, a M.Sc. in Risk Management, and a PhD in Water Resource Management from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. As Senior Policy Advisor she supports the Board of the University and Scientific and business Directors on themes related to knowledge transfer, area development and creating economic and societal impact. She is also Scientific Director of the Reliefbase Foundation. Reliefbase Foundation is a Joint Innovation initiative where public and private partners, together with knowledge institutes, community organizations and (international) NGOs, work together to test and validate new concepts, prototype products, instruments, systems and materials for innovations that can be used in the context of disasters and emergency response, relief operations.

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